Day 28: Reviewing cvpm

Advanced Physics:

Well, not an overly thrilling day in this class, but one the students really need.  Over the last few days, outside of class, the students completed the (modeling) WS (with a few Hertting edits) that puts all four representations together at once; position graphs, velocity graphs, motion maps and a written description.  The only novel thing I add is a roll of a single die after the explanation.  If it comes up as an odd number, the groups models it by walking it for us, if it is an even, then they talk it…. create a story (NOT another description) that models the motion.  In hindsight, I should have maybe played the “Mistake Game” that Kelly O’shea explains here.

First summative test tomorrow!

General Physics:

Today was a bit of a practice day.  We wanted to give the students an extra day to complete the quantitative problems with the thins lens equation and the  similar triangles, so we practice a few of the more interesting ray diagrams.  You know the ones…. give them an image and lens, use a ray diagram to locate where the object had to be….

Tomorrow we WB the problems, always interesting with figuring out the sign convention needed for the virtual image distance and heights.

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