Day 167: The end is near…

Advanced Physics:

The was a tough day.  The kids were off for 4 days (some for 5) because of a set of field trip and the senior trip and the Memoria Day weekend.  We started out by discussing the schedule for the rest of the year and the final exam.  For this group of kids it will take place over three days.   The first day (Friday, May 29) will be the conceptual part, on Monday June 1 comes the problem set, and June 2 during the 80 minute exam block will be the final challenge lab.  To wrap up this electricity unit, they will have a summative test on Thursday.  So, only two teaching days left.

We discussed the complex circuit assessment they took the previous Thursday (I know, nothing like immediate feedback), then WB’ed the rest of a set of problems.

General Physics:

These kids have been off even longer because of the senior assembly… pretty hard to keep them going when then are out of class more than in class.  Today we finished the Circuit ILD.  They now have all the models for electric potential difference, resistance and current in series and parallel circuits.

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