Days 171,172, 173, and 174: Wait, what day is it? Really? It’s Sunday?

It’s Sunday night and it feels pretty strange… I’m sitting outside, enjoying a fermented beverage as one of my three daughters lounges in a lawn chair reading.. no journals to grade, no lesson planning or emails to students or parents…. yeah it feels a bit strange.

The last four days of school were a complete blur, just like they always are. ¬†Final exams, grading exams until the wee hours of the morning, posting grades with comments, posting Career Readiness scores with comments, posting CAPP grades, senior failure cards completed and submitted, graduation….

Of course there will be plenty of school work this summer, just not right now.  Time to play a game of cribbage with my now 7th grade son.

For those interested, I promise a full debriefing on the 180 blog from this year at some point.