Day 29: A test, this is only a test and Baby Doll Heads (err… I mean an air lens)

Advanced Physics:

It’s Friday and it is the first summative test… loads of nervous physics kids. The summative test was on the constant velocity model.  Nothing too exciting to tell about except maybe the format of the test.  I have a conceptual part (short answer and about 6 MC) and a Problem set (2 problems).  One objective I was assessing was being to solve constant velocity problems.  One thing that I do is offer two levels or problems to assess the same objective.  The first problem is one I thing every single kid should ROCK.  The second is harder and or longer and I expect my top kids to score well on it.  I encourage ALL kids to read  the tougher one and give it a try.  I even offer a few additional points on it because it is more challenging.  No time limit on this test because it is the first one.

SIDEBAR: I always write a different version each year because each year is a bit different and I allow my kids to keep the tests after we go through it.  I think this is an important study tool as they prepare for the final exam… self testing is a researched best practice to prepare for tests so I encourage my students to use it with the old tests. PLUS, each year I have a theme that runs through each test…something that shows up on every test.  One year it was my friend John (because one of his close work colleagues was in my class), some years a video clip… this, well we’ll see.


General Physics:

Today we WB’ed some thin lens quantitative problems.  But we also looked at Baby Heads:

Baby Doll Heads

Allowed use to practice and conceptualize when a diverging lens is really a diverging lens and when a converging lens is really a converging lens and virtual images.  Plus, it is really just cool in a weird sort of way.


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