Day 169: It’ll cost how much??

Advanced Physics:

Well, it is the last unit test for these kids, the electrical circuits test.  I am particually pleased with one of the problems I asked, but not with some of the solutions given.  Next year we are going 1-to-1 with Chrome Books.  I simply asked how much it would cost for 30 school days if the 25% of our student body (so about 500 kids) charged their Chromebooks at school for only 30 minutes each day.   Now, I’m pretty sure this is an UNDERestimate.  The actual answer is about $25, but some of my students came up with outrageous values 😦  For example $25, 000 or $189,000 for 30 days….  it was obvious which students took the time to work through the practice sheet they had been given.  I can’t decide how I feel about it.  I know most are seniors and they have 4 days of school left… but….

General Physics:

Today this group saw the same series of demonstrations about household electricity as the advanced kids did yesterday.

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