Day 139: Impulse-Momentum Problems and A pretty good sample COE problem.

Advanced Physics:

It’s the day before a summative test… so we finished Wb’ing some conceptual questions about impulse and momentum and then WB’ed some impulse-momentum problems.  The practice sheets did not ask for the IFF charts, but I asked each group to add them.  For the most part they all struggled with them.  I’m wondering if this is because of how we developed or I presented them?  The middle ‘F’ graph was the easiest to get the students to see how to add to the IF charts.  Part of the issue was that they really did not pay attention to the sign o the impulse or the direction (sign) on the force exerting the impulse.  For next year, I will have to think of a way to present this in a better way.

SIDEBAR:  I will be out of my building tomorrow… planning a test for the Advanced kids…  hope this works out OK????


General Physics:

We WB’ed the gravitational energy experiment and again, lousy data.  I’m just not sure if it is a faulty experiment or my students a just plain rotten in lab?  From there we completed and sample COE problem.  Predict the velocity of a pendulum at the bottom of the swing, given the change in height.  We then used a laser photo-gate from vernier to check it.  It is the same set up I wrote about here.

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