Day 12: Graphing Assessment and the Colors of Feedback.

In Advanced today, the students completed a Logger Pro Graphing assessment.  Because the Advanced students did experiment with a mass on a spring, the data set they were given was data for that experiment.  Every year I write a new assessment so I have other version to use an re-assessments.  I like this one because the class examined a linear graph that involved period (inertia balance) and a non-liner graph that involved period (pendulum).  Now they may not be sure … linear?? non-linear ??  Not only did I grade it for points, I also gave the students a ‘color’ on each of the objectives the graphing assessment was assessing. They are listed at the top of the assessment, and after providing written feedback, I highlight each objective with either Red, Yellow, or Green.   The colorful feedback system I use is pretty straight forward:

RED = STOP, the student has demonstrated NO mastery of understanding.  The student should come in or extra help.

YELLOW = CAUTION, the student has demonstrated SOME mastery/understanding.  The student needs more practice.

GREEN = GO, the student demonstrated complete mastery/understanding.

After the assessment, we had time to check two of the ‘We Got the Beat’ pendulums.  Here is the set-up I used to check it:

We Got The Beat

It was a laser gate with pendulum timing as the photo gate setting.


In General Physics, today we finished working on the graphing practice and introduced another We Got The Beat Challenge.  For theses students, they must create a mass/spring combination to keep the beat to a song.  Tomorrow they will take a graphing assessment.

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