Day 162: A WB’ing practice plan that rocked (IMHO)

Advanced Physics:

Just more work today on the Circuits ILD… but I will add that after checking the final parallel circuit, not only were most students able to give me the junction rule, but they could also explain the majority of the observations from the earlier circuits we had glossed over (or they had incorrectly predicted).  I love not lecturing…  One more circuit to check tomorrow with voltmeters and then we’ll play with how the ammeters change (in parallel) when one bulb is removed.

General Physics:

We had to come up with a plan, well actually a sub plan for my last class of the day and my colleague’s class (he is the head girls track coach). I usually cover his class when he is gone for a meet, but today I had the pleasure of sitting in on three interviews for a new district level position.  It is for a k-12 Math/Science/STEM Coordinator, yes one person for one position…

So anyway, the plan that I used was a version of one a colleague had taught me four or five years ago.  I was able to test run it with one of my classes before I left for the interviews.  I put the class into 8 groups of three. Each group grabbed a big WB, drew a source, one wire and one resistor. The group also labeled the value of the resistor.  The board was then passed over to  the next group that also added a wire and a labeled resistor.  This continued until the board made it back to the original group, and viola… a totally unique equivalent resistance practice problem:

IMG_3836 IMG_3837 IMG_3838 IMG_3839

The ower of each board used a second large WB to solve the problem.  Once finished, they traded problem boards with another group and worked a second problem.  This provided another problem and a chance to see if the group had solved the first problem correctly.  The dialogue between the two groups was AWESOME as they discussed which solution was correct if the two did not match. Yep, I have to write that idea own where I can see it.. even the students commented that it was a good approach to the practice… so yeah IMHO it rocked.