Day 124: Jewels

Advanced Physics:

The students took the COE problem for the test, and we discussed the first part of the test taken on Friday.

General Physics

We introduced or new unit by playing a game we called Jewels.  The original idea as shared at a Phox Valley Share group meeting many years ago (but I do not recall the original source).  Our only change was from paper Newton bucks  to little plastic jewels.  Essentially, the students play Rock, Paper, Scissors to earn the jewels from each other, all the while tracking the number of jewels using bar graphs.  Here is a snap shot from the action in class:


The students play a number of rounds or R,P, S and track the number of jewels each has and how may the group has.

This activity, and the follow-up questions, combined with the wealth analogy serve as an awesome introduction to energy and energy conservation… hence the name Jewels.