Day 13: Re-assessment Policy Explained

Advanced Physics:

I returned the Graphing Assessment the students completed yesterday.  Today was the day to explain my re-assessment policy.  My students are allowed to re-assess on just about everything (NOT the final exam and not the conceptual questions on our unit tests.)  There are two conditions I have for re-assessment for full credit. Condition 1:  The student MUST complete some extra practice BEFORE re-assessing.  This is usually something posted on Schoology that we then talk about.  Condition 2:  To earn full credit, the student must have completed all the assigned practice before the assessment.  If the student did not complete all the practice, he/she can still re-assess, just not for full credit. (usually about 75% or 80%).  It amazes me how some kids do not take advantage of the re-assessment option.  My students get to keep ALL their assessments and tests. We go through them (usually) the next day and I tell them to make an ‘answer key’.

SIDEBAR:  Yes, I re-write a new unit test/assessment each year.  Not from scratch, but varied enough that I am not worried about the tests being around.

I explain to my students that they will not be getting a review packet when the final exam time rolls around.  We have been building our review packet the entire semester… all those ‘answer keys’.  I strongly encourage them to use the study technique known as self testing. (here is the research to support this)  They should cover up the solution to the problem/question with a blank sheet of paper and re-work the problem, then slide the paper down to check it.

After this discussion,  we finished checking the We Got The Beat Challenge… I still have Celine Dion stuck in my head…. grrrrr


General Physics:

Today the General kids took their Graphing assessment.  It’s all graded and tomorrow we’ll discuss the re-assessment policy with them.  We’ll also check their We Got the Beat Challenge.  Here is the video I made to demo the process for them:

They will put sand (or lead shot) into an overflow cup so they can get the exact mass predicted by their graphs/equations.

Day 12: Graphing Assessment and the Colors of Feedback.

In Advanced today, the students completed a Logger Pro Graphing assessment.  Because the Advanced students did experiment with a mass on a spring, the data set they were given was data for that experiment.  Every year I write a new assessment so I have other version to use an re-assessments.  I like this one because the class examined a linear graph that involved period (inertia balance) and a non-liner graph that involved period (pendulum).  Now they may not be sure … linear?? non-linear ??  Not only did I grade it for points, I also gave the students a ‘color’ on each of the objectives the graphing assessment was assessing. They are listed at the top of the assessment, and after providing written feedback, I highlight each objective with either Red, Yellow, or Green.   The colorful feedback system I use is pretty straight forward:

RED = STOP, the student has demonstrated NO mastery of understanding.  The student should come in or extra help.

YELLOW = CAUTION, the student has demonstrated SOME mastery/understanding.  The student needs more practice.

GREEN = GO, the student demonstrated complete mastery/understanding.

After the assessment, we had time to check two of the ‘We Got the Beat’ pendulums.  Here is the set-up I used to check it:

We Got The Beat

It was a laser gate with pendulum timing as the photo gate setting.


In General Physics, today we finished working on the graphing practice and introduced another We Got The Beat Challenge.  For theses students, they must create a mass/spring combination to keep the beat to a song.  Tomorrow they will take a graphing assessment.