Day 60: Forces Diagnostic and WB the Ramp Lab

Advanced Physics:

Today I gave a (the) 30 question Forces Diagnostic Assessment. Although I am not using the results for part of my SLO this year, I am using it to help me plan instruction. The most missed question dealt with N2L and the summation of forces.  The overall pre-test average for the all three sections this year was 14.  Seems higher than in the past.

After this was completed, we finished discussing the conceptual part of the projectile motion summative test.

General Physics:

Today we WB’ed the ramp lab results.  The instructional goals were: (1) qualitatively develop the  concept of acceleration as the slope of the v-t graph and how the velocity changes each second, and (2) qualitatively develop the concept of instantaneous velocity as slope of a line tangent to a non-linear position-time graph.  We are not going to develop any of the kinematic equations for constant acceleration until the end of the unit.