Day 166: No classes for me today

Remember me mentioning he senior trip in my last post?  Well, today was the day they took to seniors to Great America in Gurnee, IL.  Nope, I did not go.  Why you ask?  I have a glass stomach… simply looking at those rides up close makes me nauseous.  I know, a physics teacher that can’t go on rides??

So what did I do today.  Well, with the juniors I had left, (which was very few) I offered them a chance to complete any re-assessments still hanging out there.  I also had them get started on viewing a Power Point I had posted on Schoology.  It takes everything we have done with circuits and extrapolates it to our houses.   One of the more important aspects is seeing how series and parallel circuits are used in our homes and calculating the cost of using various electric appliances.  over the next day or two we will look at some practical demonstrations, including causing a house hold circuit breaker to trip because too many appliances are being plugged in.


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