Day 156: The Mother of All Ohm’s Law Experiments

Advanced Physics:

Nice title as I write this on Mother’s Day!  The experiment described below really is the mother of all Ohm’s Law experiments.  It is done in the modeling style and develops no less that five different concepts.  The very simple purpose is to determine the relationship between the electric potential difference and current in a simple circuit.  The circuit consists of a power supply, an ammeter, a voltmeter and a spool of wire:


The spool of wire is the ‘load’ in the circuit.  One HUGE SAFETY ITEM…. do not leave the circuit connected for more than a few seconds as the meters are read.  The spools will melt.

The spools are in various lengths (80cm, 120cm, 160cm, and 200 cm,) with all the same gauge and material.  There is also a spool that is 200cm and a different gauge.

More tomorrow on the concepts developed as we have the post-lab discussion.

General Physics:

This class had the post lab discussion on the Bulb Boy Activity.



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