Day 150: Aspire Day 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I was not concerned at all about the testing today.  Our admins and IT crew had everything planned out and even set up a Google doc as a form of ‘back channel’ to provide support to the proctors during the test administration… AWESOMENESS !


Advanced Physics –> Did not meet today.

General Physics:

Today was the day before the Unit 7 Energy Summative test.  I had extra time with each class, 62 mins with one and 65 with the other; oh how I truly miss our old trimester schedule….

Anyway, in class we WB’ed some practice problems dealing with power.  I like power concepts because it re-enforces the concept of (work)ing for the students and it is not very difficult meaning it can help build the students confidence.

I again provided the students with some time to work on the review WS we handed out on Wednesday.  I’m not sure why it always amazes me that my students are pretty productive when I give them time.  I wonder if the productivity ‘wears off’ in a flipped classroom?

We closed the hour by playing a Kahoot I wrote (15 questions) reviewing the conceptual side of things.  The students generally like Kahoot. (If you are not familiar with Kahoot, it is an interactive reviewing app, google it!)

NOTE TO SELF —> Next year I would love to have students create the KaHoot as a way to review and challenge other students.  Obviously, there are a number logistical details to work out on this idea.


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