Day 146: It was a ‘Diverse’ day

For the last bunch of years (at least 10) one of our clubs (The Heart Group) has sponsored and planned a Diversity Fair. It is an impressive undertaking planned by this group of students to celebrate and promote our diversity.  The fair officially kicks off with an assembly that sets the tone for the day.  This year, the focal piece was a student created video about labels and being human.  I am continually impressed with the work that some high schools students can produce.  The rest of the day, classes still run, but so does the Diversity Fair complete with workshops and booths.  Teachers can opt to take their entire class to the fair if they wish to.  Because of the assembly, our classes were shortened to about 40 minutes.

Advanced Physics:

We finished the Coulomb’s Law experiment but sharing the slope values for the final graph.  The post lab discussion was this part was very easy because when the students wrote the EOL for the graph, Coulomb’s Law is what they write!  After this, we looked at an easy sample problem.  It took a bit to convince them NOT to put the sign on the charge into the equation.  I explained that this sign is NOT a direction like our other (+) and (-).  Any time left was spent working in smalls groups on a set of Coulomb’s Law practice problems.

General Physics:

Today was just spent completing the questions for the Racquetball leaper.  Again a nice plan because it allows the students to ask for help as needed.

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