Day 136: Feeling a bit ‘impulsive’!

Advanced Physics:

As I explained in the last post, today was all about gathering data for the impulse-momentum experiment.  Here are two short video clips that show how we set-up the equipment:


The initial momentum was varied by having different initial velocities and also by adding mass. I like having two slightly different experiments.  The impulse – change in momentum graphs obtained all have a slope that should be approximately 1.0. The part with just the cart alone has a negative impulse and negative change in momentum, but the one with the rubber band has a positive impulse and positive change in momentum.  Makes for an interesting discussion in the post-lab discussion.


General Physics:

The bulk of today was spent having the post-lab discussion for the kinetic energy experiment.  The slopes were not quite 1/2 he mass for all the groups, but thankfully, all the groups did have the square relationships.  We used the energy blocks again to reinforce the concept of a square relationship:


We started with a velocity of zero, so no kinetic energy.  Then I said I gave the cart a velocity , v  and that gave us 2 ‘blocks’ of energy.  Form there, we went to a velocity of 2v, then 3v,  and so on.  I really like how the non-linear nature shows up using these blocks.


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