Day 135: I’m tired… why? .. labs all day… hell yeah!

Yep, I’m tired, but it is a good tired.  Labs in all 5 classes. That means the kids are doing and thinking. So why am I tired?  Well, I like most of you, I constantly circulate around to answer any questions and give a few helpful hints.  The tiring part is sometimes resisting the urge to fix mistakes outright rather than use a series of questions. Plus, we only have 53 minutes classes WHICH IS NOT NEARLY ENOUGH TIME FOR ANY EXPERIMENT.

Advanced Physics:

We discussed the COM assessment from yesterday, then finished the pre-lab discussion for and impulse-change in momentum experiment.  I’ll shoot some video tomorrow as they will have to finish gathering the rest of the data.  Essentially, the students are either running a dynamics cart with plunger button taped down into a WDSS acting as a force sensor, or pushing a cart that has some elastic material attached to it away from a WDSS that has the other end of the elastic material attached.


General Physics:

Data was all about gathering the data for the kinetic energy experiment. As described yesterday, we are using the Pasco Spring Launchers.  It is a bit of a complex experiment for this group of kids.  Record the compression of the spring, (to be used to calculate the elastic energy that is equal to the kinetic energy) and record the max velocity at the point where the spring is no longer compressed.  Plot kinetic energy as a function of velocity. From some of the data I saw today, the square relationship comes through.  I’m just hoping the slope of the linearized graph is close to 1/2 the system mass!




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