Day 134: Final Thoughts on the Physics Face-off

Advanced Physics:

The student groups were given 15 minutes to present their solutions tot he Physics Face-off to each other.  After words, I asked for some feedback: (1) I liked the Physics-Face off because…  (2) I did not like the Physics Face Off because…. (3) If the Physics Face off is done again, I would change…, because…

Nearly everyone one of my students liked it.  Most said because of the creative nature, or the competition.  The main dislikes were because of group dynamics (partner problems, or the other group did not correctly solve its own problem…) As for changes, one that caught my eye was to give the problem to a group that wrote a problem for the other video I provided, that way they did not already ‘know everything’ about the video/possible problems.

The activity is definitely a keeper!!

The students also took a formative assessment on COM.  I wrote the assessment based on the pHet Collisions simulation.  (I actually got this idea when looking for COM problem in the on-line test I’m using, OpenStax College Physics.  Here is it:

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 4.08.57 PM

Tomorrow when we discuss it, I will simply set it up in the simulation and allow them to see the collision and the answer.

The few minutes we had remaining was spent just starting a pre-lab discussion for an impulse-momentum experiment.


General Physics:

Today the bulk of the time was spent having a pre-lab discussion for our kinetic energy experiment.  We will again use the Pasco Spring Launchers:


The main difference with the General students is that we will have one station manned by me to determine the spring constants.


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