Day 133: You NEED to do this with your classes!!

Advanced Physics:

Today was essentially a work day on the ‘Physics Face-Off’, that I wrote about in the last post. It is an awesome activity.  Once again, here is the link to the activity developed by Peter Bohacek that uses the AWESOME Direct Measurement Videos.  Today the students worked to create their challenging yet solvable problem for another group and then worked together to solve the problem given to them.

The level of discourse today was absolutely incredible.  I should have recorded some audio!    Two suggestions I have to improve it (at least for my kids) that I will make sure to do next year are: (1) Have my students start writing problems earlier in the year. As you know, writing a good logical problem is as easy as it sounds.  I have had my students do some of this, but not enough. (2) Make Use of Direct Measurement Videos sooner/more often.  They are truly awesome.

Tomorrow we will wrap up the activity and I will get some student feedback.  For the bits I over heard, they really liked it.

General Physics:

The students worked in small groups on a set of Hooke’s Law and Elastic energy problems.  The assignment had 6 problems. We told the students one of the 6 will be scored as an assessment… seemed to motivate them a bit more because they could work together.


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