Day 127: Collisions and LOL’s

Advanced Physics:

Today was all about gathering data for the collisions experiment.  We did not get finished so tomorrow we will wrap up data gathering and the analysis.  It’ll be a chance to have some of the students learn how powerful and useful spreadsheets can be.  I’m also having them post a movie or three of the collisions to our Schoology site so we can reference them during our discussion AND so I can send an email to the parents to let them see what their sons/daughters are up to in physics.  I wish I had remembered to post a Tweet about it earlier today.


General Physics:

Today we WB’ed the Energy Bar Graphs (aka LOL’s).  I really like WB’ing this because it provides a chance for some really rich discussion.  Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.22.43 PM

After we agreed on the analysis for this problem, I made an addition to the problem:


I added a second path and asked from which path, if either, would the crate have a greater velocity when it reached the location marked by the arrow. We discussed it and most agreed it was the same…. but thankfully, some students needed proof.  I used this:


along with a Bee-Spy photogate to prove that the velocity was the same.  Yep, it was a pretty good day.

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