Days 122 and 123: COE and N2L Tests

Advanced Physics:

For Day 122, we mainly did some conceptual review to finish getting ready for the COE summative test.  I created a series of three clicker questions based on a spring-loaded toy dart gun:

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.56.15 PM

All three questions had the same basic format as the first one:If the spring had been compressed twice as much, the maximum height would be: (A) 1/4     (B) 1/2   (C) the same height   (D) twice as high   (E) four times as high.  After we discussed two more similar problems, I asked the students to ‘quantify’ it by determining the maximum velocity from the values I had given them.

General Physics:

They took the summative test for the unbalanced (N2L) unit.


Then the next day…..


Advanced Physics:

The summative Unit 7 test… broken into two parts, Conceptual and one (power) problem followed by the COE problem the following day.  I find it lowers the stress of the students, especially with a bigger test like this one.

General Physics:

We took the post test for the ‘Forces Diagnostic’ which many of you know by a different name.  I have yet to analyze the results.


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