Day 120: Two good things today

Advanced Physics:

Today we discussed the COE assessment the students took yesterday. By ‘discussed’, I mean that I went through only the initial set-up– defining a zero, establishing a initial condition and a final condition and writing the COE equation.  After this discussion we finalized the concept of power and developed the mathematical models for it.

Here comes good thing number 1.  I allowed the students some choice work time.  I had three things the students could practice with (more COE problems, W=Ek problems or Power problems). Allowing choice is something I feel the students really like, this was combined with a chance to work some problems in small groups and with me present to ask questions. Thanks to my colleague Shelley for helping me devise this plan.  Speaking of small groups working problems, I wish I knew of a way to foster this more next year.. or maybe it is already happening and I just do not know it.

General Physics:

The plan for today— another formative assessment and more work time on the presentations to be posted on Schoology.  Here comes good thing number 2– after each student completed the assessment, and showed it to me, he/she grabbed a purple pen and logged into Schoology to work through my answer key.  This is an idea borrowed from Frank Noschese, he wrote about it here.  It is awesome idea that gives the student immediate feedback.  I still had them turn the assessment in so I could go through it and I will use the results to put the students into groups tomorrow as we review for the Unbalanced Forces summative test.

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