Day 115: There is NO day 115, but there is a Day 116 and at least the night was awesome

Why is there no Day 115? That would have been yesterday and yesterday every high school in Wisconsin had the same thing going on… state mandated ACT for ALL juniors. Yep, you read it correctly. So, we had no classes, and only the juniors were on campus.  So what about day 116– today, well it was Part 2 of the ACT, the ‘Work Keys’.. that left us with 22 minute classes. Yep, you read it correctly again… 22 minute classes….22 minute classes.  So what made it an awesome night?  Getting to go to another Phox Share Group Share session, hosted by @BrillionNerd.  Besides seeing a great visual on projectile motion from @jcon16, we got to make working electric guitars from @STEMyStuff, so it was an awesome hight.

Advanced Physics;

We had barely enough time to finish the discussion of the gravitational energy experiment.  We concluded that gravitational energy is directly proportional to height.


General Physics:

I felt bad about this… they had a N2L assessment.  We had to do it today so we had time to prepare for the deployment activity.  Here is the assessment question and a hint about the deployment activity on Friday:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.23.01 PM




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