Day 98: Survey Says…..

As part of the Educator Effectiveness project, we are required to survey the same set of students, twice during the course in which we instruct them.  So, today before WB’ing the results of the radial acceleration experiment, I ask the Advanced students to complete the second survey.  It has to be the same set of questions we gave before.  There are 10 or 12 questions we must ask and can not edit, and we are allowed to give more.  I used a google form again because I really like how the results can be displayed.  There are always some interesting stats that pop out at me. For example:  2 students (of 66) disagree or strongly disagree that I am knowledgeable about the subject I teach, a total of 6 students disagree or strongly disagree or don’t know if the lessons I plan are engaging.  I did learn that I have something to really work on… allowing students to demonstrate knowledge in a variety of ways (21% disagree, strongly disagree or don’t know).  This will be something I will try to work on throughout the rest of this year and into next year.  Any ideas on alternative assessments would be appreciated.

Advanced Physics:

We WB’ed the radial acceleration experiment.  Next year I will alter how I do this… probably have the students pick a radius and monitor the radial acceleration as the angular velocity is varied.  I have not done that in the past because I have always felt that if students look up the equation for radial (or centripetal acceleration) they will see ar=vt^2/r.

We also started a sample problem.  Here is a clip of it.


The students will have the mass, the angle with the horizontal, and the length of the string.  We are going to solve for the time it takes to complete 10 revolutions, then check it of course.

General Physics:

More force diagram whiteboarding.  At the close of the hour I asked the student’s to provide me with their color. Most students in my 4th mod class were yellow (needing more practice) and in 7th most were green.  So tomorrow, with Mod 4, we will do some small group work (groups based on color) and in7th, we might play the mistake game as described by Kelly O’Shea here.

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