Day 70: Gravitational Force Lab and Kinematic Equations for ca

This is really part 2 to a  previous post… the day after Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Advanced Physics:

Today the students gathered data for the gravitational force  as a function of mass experiment.  The are two things I do with this that might be novel.  First, I have the students use 3 ranges of spring scales.  This assures that they have a wider range of data and once we WB, leads to the need/desire to upgrade to a more accurate force measuring device…. enter  the dual range force sensor the students will use with the frictional force experiment.  The second change is that the students will use one of three different ‘objects’.  OK, not objects, but substances.  The might use water, sand or lead shot.  The students make a hypothesis for each.  Some make one hypothesis and label it as all three, but there are some students that will predict it based n the density of the material even though it was NEVER mentioned.

General Physics:

We discussed the assessment from yesterday and then looked at the kinematic equations in more depth and connected them to the graphs they came from.  We also did a sample problem that involved using them… the same problem from the assessment.  We chose this because the students already know the correct answer.  This allows them to see if the have solved it correctly.

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