Day 66: Motion Pillars, Force Diagrams and Kinematic Stack of Graph Assessment

Advanced Physics:

Today we finished WB’ing the practice on motion pillars and began to practice drawing force diagrams.  I asked the students to watch a screen capture  (here it is incase you’re curious, note: it is about 15 minutes long: )

of how we draw force diagrams as homework so we could get right to answer questions about the process and working in groups to draw some.

Unfortunately, not enough of the students took the time to watch the movie.  The ones that did , knew exactly what questions they wanted answered, the others struggled and did not get much completed.  Should be interesting to WB the practice sheet on Monday.

General Physics:

We took a kinematic graph assessment today, then worked through a sample problem involving constant acceleration that we solved using a v-t graph.  The problem involved a clip from the original Back to The Future… where the DeLorean gets up to 88miles per hour for the first time.


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