Day 59: Summative Projectile test take 2, the ramp lab

Advanced Physics:

Today was only two problems for the problem set part of the summative test over projectiles.  One horizontal launch and one angled launch.  The horizontal launch was the popular Speed (movie) problem— assuming a real horizontal launch, how far does the bus drop?  One of the angled launch choice was not overly challenging IF the students thought carefully about the situation.  They did not need the vertical velocity at all to solve it…. how far away should the launcher be to hit the falling monkey when it is 15 cm above the table.


SIDEBAR:  Some students really like having the two parts of the test split… I ay have to think about this a bit more.


General Physics:

Today was all about gathering data for the ramp lab.  We may not have gathered the best data.  Dynamics carts a re a bitt too fast with the short ramps, and some of our toy cars are not the best.  Might be time to build some of the constant acceleration disks or invest in the Motion Encoder system from Vernier?  Tomorrow we WB the results.

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