Day 58: More Ring, Testing and Another Ramp

Advanced Physics:

In each section, we had a few groups that still needed to set-up and test the Ring of Fire.  After they were finished the students completed the conceptual part of the summative test.  There was 11 MC (even some angry bird questions) and one set that dealt with a projectile launched at a smaller angle (less than the 45 degree first launch) .. sketch and explain the new horizontal position and vertical velocity graph.  This was harder for my students than I though it should have been.

General Physics:

We discussed the constant velocity summative test and started the pre-lab discussion for the ‘ramp’ lab.  The version of the ramp lab we do with the general physics students is not the full-blown ramp lab we do with the Advanced students.  We do not have the use photogates or watches to gather position – time data.  We use a motion detector to go right to the non-linear position -time graph and the linear velocity-time graph.


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