Day 51: The Monkey and the Hunter; Walking v-t Graphs

Advanced Physics:

Today was about conceptualizing projectile motion.  We started with horizontal launches.  The first question was a ranking task. There were 9 situations with only two different heights.  The question was to rank the situations from the most time in the to the least.  There was a bit of extra info added: mass, and initial (horizontal) velocity.  We then moved on to the famous Monkey and the Hunter question.  We start again with the horizontal version.  Where to aim is the question. After some more discussion we test it with this set-up:

General Physics:

The main activity today was a kinesthetic experience with the velocity graphs and motion detectors.  It never ceases to amaze me that kids that have mastered the position graph can get tripped up by the velocity graph.  I guess it would have some thing to do with the ‘horizontal’ position is at rest, but horizontal velocity is constant velocity.


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