Day 49: (VA)^2

Advanced Physics:

Today was purely a work day for the students.  The goal?  Complete the video analysis of a projectile and prepare four graphs: x-t, y-t, vx-t, and vy-t.  Tomorrow we will have a glorious whiteboard session to determine the models that govern projectile motion.  It is kind of awesome when the kids are this engaged for an activity.

SIDEBAR:  This year they also uploaded the video they made to Schoology for everyone else to see.   I’m hoping for some really creative ones.


General Physics:

After a bit of review on position graphs — transitioning from the position graph to a written description followed by matching with a motion detector — the generals completed a tutorial on how to do video analysis with Logger Pro.  They used the video I made this time, the follow up- create their own constant velocity video.


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