Day 48: Introducing 2D motion and Plotting an EOL with LP

Advanced Physics:

After returning and discussing the test from yesterday, I had just enough time to introduce the next (unit) experiment. We will be starting in on 2D motion with projectiles.  I know there is some debate about when to ‘cover’ this.  I like it right after the two uniform motion units because it is simply a marriage of the two.  I like how the graphs of position and time and velocity and time for uniform acceleration are still fresh in the minds of my students.  When we get to forces, this is a nice chance to re-visit WHY there is constant velocity in the horizontal direction.

To develop the relationships, we simply do some video analysis of a projectile.  The students will produce four different graphs: horizontal position and time, vertical position and time, horizontal velocity and time, and vertical velocity and time.

General Physics:

We finished the motion detector activity and then learned how to have Logger Pro plot and EOL.  This is the same process we used with the advanced students.  Our goal is to help the students see Logger Pro as a problem solving tool, rather than just a graphing program.  The activity had them plot the position-time graphs for two cyclists.  For one of them, only the initial position and the velocity were given.  The student generated time values within Logger Pro, then created a calculated column for the position.    They also learned about how to use the Examine and Interpolate features.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I love the Logger Pro.



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