Day 44: Stunt Barbie

Advanced Physics:

We have pretty much wrapped up the constant acceleration unit.  Today we took a short assessment, a one problem constant acceleration problem the students could choose to solve graphically or kinematically.  I am happy to report that most of the students choose a graphical approach.

After the students turned it in the assessment, I showed them ‘some awesome physics.  It is this Farmer’s Insurance Commercial.


The most important part is when she jumps (free falls) off the bridge on tot he moving car beneath her…. and thus we have the Challenge Lab that I affectionately call “Stunt Barbie”.  Here is a good explanation: Hertting- Stunt Barbie

There have been some upgrades since the article.  We go into the multi-purpose room. It has higher ceilings so we have drops up to about 3.50m.  Tomorrow we check it.

General Physics:

The general students started kinematics today.  We direct this group just a bit more.  We introduced motion by discussing two key players, basically a ‘where’ and a ‘when’.  In physics terms this is position and clock reading.

They gathered data for the Dune Buggy experiment.  We still gave each group an initial position and a direction that will make the WB discussion a bit more interesting tomorrow.


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