Day 36: Another ‘interesting’ schedule

A rather uneventful day today… we had another interesting schedule.  Our Guidance Department organized a College and Career Conference for or students.  There were two main components;  45 minute panel discussion and a Career fair.  There were 25 post secondary institutions represented and even more businesses.  It was an awesome experience for our students, but it meant that I only saw my entire mod 1 class.  For Mod 2, my 8 juniors (of a class of 25) were gone.  For Mod 3 everyone was gone; Mod 4 all seniors were gone, leaving my one junior.  Mod 5 was back to normal.

Advanced Physics:

For mod 1 and 2, we finished WB’ing the WS with the stack-o-graphs and took a practice kinematic graph assessment.  I am using the results of this assessment to put the students in groups for tomorrow.  We will be doing an ILD (Interactive Lecture Demo) with a phan cart.  Nothing with forces yet, just predicting the shapes of the graphs. The groups were according to color; the Red, Yellow, and Green I used to communicate how I feel the student understands/demonstrates mastery of the objective.  S, we have a Green, with a yellow and a red.

General Physics:

Only my mod 5 class met, and they did the same lesson that Mod 4 did yesterday, learning how to draw ray diagrams for curved mirrors.  Tomorrow we (hopefully) move on to quantifying the relationship between object distance and image distance for curved mirrors with an ‘experiment’.



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