Day 30: Make an answer key, and thin lens practice

Advanced Physics:

If I were a student in class today, I might have been bored.  It was going through the test day.  I have my kids make an answer key because they will keep this test and I want them to have the right answer. I’ll admit though, I hate gong through tests and the time it takes.  If I was sure they would watch it, I might try to do a screencast… maybe I’ll try it anyway.  We also had time to do a bit of pre-lab discussion on the Unit 2 ‘Ramp Lab”, but more on that tomorrow.

General Physics:

Today was all about practicing.  Tomorrow is the first summative test for this group It’ll cover Snell’s Law, Ray diagrams for lenses and Thin Lens problems.  We provided a sheet with four more practice problems for them to work on in small groups.  I know this is good for them because it fosters the study group mentality and I can wander and answers questions, but I don’t like giving up the class time. Two of my colleagues tell me to get over that and my student advisor (my daughter) tells me students LOVE this.  So test tomorrow before we look into mirrors.


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