Day 25: And the Teacher Effectiveness Survey Says…… and More optics stuff

Survey day!  As part of the Teacher Effectiveness Project that my district uses for observations, all teachers are required to survey the same group of students twice each year.  I have no issues with this process, I think it is important to know what our students think about our class and about our teaching, we can all improve our practice …. this is a growth mindset for teachers.  Yeah I know they are students, but that does not mean they do not have anything to offer and yes I know, some of the students see it as a joke. (Those responses can be easily identified and eliminated)  Part of that falls to how one presents it and uses it afterward. Yes I said afterward.  I will be sharing some of the results from the survey today… the good, the bad and the ugly.  Even some of the comments.  I think it is all about perspective, talking about it gives me a chance to explain WHY I do certain things in class or explain why I thought I was doing some thing…

SIDEBAR:  I used a Google Form for the survey because I could post the link on Schoology and I really like the way the results can be viewed:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.53.17 PM

The first 10 or 12 questions or so are required by the district, but then we can add more if we want.


Advanced Physics:

This was the three sections I surveyed.  As I reflected, it may have been too early (even though it must be completed by Oct. 31, this was originally Oct. 15).

After the survey, we continued to work on the graphical and kinematic solutions to the four cv problems.  When each group was finished they ‘purple penned’ it.  This is an awesome method of feedback that I learned about from Frank Noschese here.  (I use purple pens because I could not find orange). Essentially the students read through my solutions and give themselves feedback in purple.  I like this for two main reasons: It easily lets me see how much they completed (everything NOT in purple was before they looked at my key) and it lets the students see the level of work I expect to be shown.  Tomorrow during the first part of class, we will discuss the survey and which problems were easiest to solve graphically vs. kinematically.


General Physics:

I promised more images of The lens game, so here they are:

Given this set up, (Converging lens with a virtual image)



a student suggests: (the object, in orange, must be inside the focal length)


Here is the complete set.  The red arrows are real images, gold are virtual and there are even mirrors we will use later.


After this warm up, the natural transition was to quantify the relationship between where the object is in relation to the lens (object distance) and where the image is in relation to the lens (image distance)… in other words, we did the modeling the thin lens experiment.  With this group we stick only with real images and a converging lens.  That way we do not have to use a double lens system to locate the virtual images.   Tomorrow we whiteboard the results.


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