Day 20: Yet Even More Logger Pro Love and Snell’s Law

Homecoming week, just letting you know.

Advanced Physics:

We started off with a short assessment.  The students were given a written description of a motion (with positive and negative velocities and some rest) and asked to create the matching Motion Map and Position-time graph. Most of the students did very well.  There were a few that did not do so very well. Mostly n the motion map.

SIDEBAR:  Are you teaching Motion Maps?  I wrestle with it every year.

When the student turned in the assessment, I had them write their color on it next to each objective as I described in an earlier post.  I also add my color, I think this is a great visual for the students.

After the assessment, we looked again at Logger Pro.  So far we had used it to graph (to analyze data)  to solve a problem (by plotting an EOL), and as a way to gather data (with the motion detector).  Today was the day we married the data gathering with the analysis. In other words, we learned about video analysis.  They worked through another modified tutorial I created with a movie I made.  The follow-up assignment will take this to the next level;  they will create a constant velocity video and then analyze it.  This one will be uploaded to Schoology for the rest of us to see.


General Physics:

Today was some group practice solving problems with Snell’s Law, we WB’ed a set of homework problems.  This was the first problem set we worked on then WB’ed.  There were way too many kids that did not do it.  They found it a challenge when WB’ing.  To make sure these kids were still somewhat help responsible for participating and working in the group, when we started the WB’ing, I said that if you wrote on the board, you were not allowed to do any explaining, thus it fell to the other group members.  A bit sneaky, but hopefully motivating nonetheless.



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