Day 8: Lovin’ the Logger Pro

In both classes (Advanced and General), we spent the first part of class completing two independent peer reviews of student lab journals.  Each student read through two other journals, completing a feed back rubric as he/she went.  I have found that this helps the overall quality of the journals, especially for the students that have never kept a lab journal.


The rest of class was spent feeling the ‘Logger Pro love’.  The classes worked through a Logger Pro tutorial on basic graphing that I made by modifying one that comes Logger Pro.  It has the students follow a set of steps to set up the columns, enter data, put o the linear fit…  the data plotted was what each student gathered in the Inertia Balance experiment.  It was a nice opportunity to talk about our ability to draw the best fit line… comparing our calculated slope with what Logger Pro gives us.  The Logger Pro love comes from me telling my classes “I love the Logger Pro’.  One year a class even made a class T-shirt with I (heart) Logger Pro on the front.


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