Day 3

There were three items that were on the docket for today.  The first was to discuss WHY we completed the Marshmallow Challenge. I choose four  ‘reasons’ that related to our class.  The first (and the one most students sense) is the engineering connection.  The not so obvious ones are:

1. communication — essential with your team and comes in many forms.  In class our team is our class or lab group and even the teacher – student team.

2.  Teamwork — more success with a team.  I tied it to a study group working on a set of problems or preparing for an assessment.

3.  Failure — We talked about how it is necessary and that we grow from failure.  We learn what does not work, and move toward finding something that does work.

4.  The process — We discussed the process, build, test, modify, test.  In class we use a similar cycle, build a model, test it, modify it if needed…  Too bad that this part is not easy to connect to the modeling cycle at this point.  I’ll have to remember to bring it up again at a later time.


Task 2 was to talk about lab safety in preparation for our safety quiz — to be honest, not my favorite topic.  I understand the importance, but still not my favorite.

Task 3 was to set up our lab journal in preparation for the semester and our first experiment. This involved discussing and explaining the format.  With the Advanced class, I run two lab journals so I can be grading one and the students can work in the other. We title them Alpha and Beta.


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